Nicole Delien, a 17-year-old from North Fayette, Pa. near Pittsburgh, has been diagnosed with Kleine-Levein Syndrome, also known as “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.” What’s most shocking is that her longest sleeping episode lasted 64 days, starting from Thanksgiving into January, according to her mother. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Kleine-Levein Syndrome (KLS) is characterized by recurrent and unusually long episodes of excessive sleepiness that affects behavioral and cognitive abilities and hunger, according to the Center for Narcolepsy at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The condition primarily strikes adolescents.

When symptoms of KLS are present, they can last for days, weeks or even months, causing all normal daily activities to stop, according to the Kleine Levin Syndrome Foundation. They can’t attend school, work or care for themselves, and most are bedridden and uncommunicative even while awake.


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