Photo credit: Averagedekutree

If you’ve ever wondered just how yearbooks looked in 1913, Reddit user averagedekutree has just the gallery for you. Deku was browsing through a book store in Milwaukee when she came across a century-old high school yearbook from 1913 for a high school called Texarkana in Arkansas. As you’ll see, things were a lot more simple back in the day, and “flipping through the pages is like taking a step through time.” Continue reading to scroll through 38-pages of it – make sure to click the gear icon in the top corner if you want to view the full-sized version.

Here’s what Twisted Sifter has to say: “What’s fascinating is to observe both the differences and parallels. Sure the fashion is different but there were clubs, sports teams and plays and students still had nicknames šŸ™‚ There are even advertisements for local businesses like Offenhauser & Co. Insurance that are still in operation today.”