Drip-Free Wine Bottle

Researchers at Brandeis University have developed the world’s first drip-free wine bottle, and it’s not as complex as you may think. Simply put, the team used a diamond-studded tool to create a circular groove around the neck of the bottle just below the lip. So now instead of overflow dripping down the side of the bottle, it now meets the groove and drops from the bottle, straight into the glass. Continue reading for another picture and more information.

Drip-Free Wine Bottle

“Perfecting the size and depth of the groove took a lot of testing, but Perlman ultimately found that a groove roughly 2 mm wide and 1 mm deep was enough to make it impossible for the wine stream to pass. For the dripping wine to cross over this groove, it would have to fight against gravity to travel up into the groove first, or to have enough momentum to simply jump over it. The perfected dimensions of the groove ensure that that never happens,” reports Oddity Central.


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