Resident Evil 2 First Person

This creative mod transforms the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake into a first-person, survival horror game, abandoning the “over-the-shoulder” third-person perspective. Created by modder “praydog,” players can easily switch between first-person and third-person using the in-game menu. Unlike the 1998 original, this remake features Leon without large shoulder pads, which were added to distinguish his original, low-polygon model, while preserving the claustrophobic feel. Read more for two additional videos and the download link to anyone with the PC version.

“Speaking of challenging, word of the horrors of the Resident Evil 2 remake’s revamped Mr. X began spreading immediately upon release. The trench coat adorned mutant is plenty capable of inspiring terror on his own, but an unfortunate speed runner recently came across a team of two Mr. X Tyrants, making for a truly nightmarish scene,” reports Game Rant. Download it here now.


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