Rolls-Royce Nuclear Micro-Reactor Moon
Rolls-Royce has partnered with the UK Space Agency to develop a modular nuclear micro-reactor power source for future astronauts on the Moon. Smaller and lighter than traditional power systems, this micro-reactor would allow for continuous power regardless of location, available sunlight, and other environmental conditions.

On the Moon, this micro-reactor would enable future astronauts, rovers and experiments to communicate and share large amounts of data across the lunar surface. Potential future applications for Rolls-Royce’s Micro-Reactor technology include support for commercial and defense use cases, in addition to those in space. The goal is to eventually create a world-leading power and propulsion capability for multiple markets and operator needs, alongside a clean, green as well as a long-term power source.

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Rolls-Royce Nuclear Micro-Reactor Moon

The new tranche of funding from the UK Space Agency means so much for the Rolls-Royce Micro-Reactor Program. We’re proud to work collaboratively with the UK Space Agency and the many UK academic institutions to showcase the best of UK innovation and knowledge in space,” said Abi Clayton, Director of Future Programmes for Rolls-Royce.

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