The term “Rubik’s Cube” refers to a 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Originally called the “Magic Cube”, the puzzle was licensed by Rubik to be sold by Ideal Toy Corp. in 1980 via German businessman Tibor Laczi and Seven Towns founder Tom Kremer, and won the German Game of the Year special award for Best Puzzle that year. What you see above is a new take on the classic puzzle, called the Roulette Wheel IQ Cube. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

According to its makers, Brando: “This IQ cube challenge of IQ brick, common in 6-surface cube, 6-color surface. The most difference and special, each surface has a roulette! That means, not only to accomplish each surface color, but the roulette color and sequence number! Rotating in each roulette surface, moving IQ cube in each direction, different solving skills. So, is it still a fancy IQ cube? Let’s check it!”

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