Crystal Mercedes

Daria Radionova, a 21-year-old student from Russia, has been attracting a lot of attention on the streets of London lately, thanks to her ultra luxurious Swarovski crystal-studded Mercedes CLS 350. You read that right, she spent a whopping £20,000 ($32,400 USD) to cover the saloon in a million Swarovski crystals. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Swarovski Mercedes

To complete this job, Radionova hired a special team from Russia to work on her vehicle, and it took them approximately two months of 12-hour days to complete the job. She says, “I am really happy with it and looking forward to driving it around.” Believe it or not, cleaning the car hasn’t been an issue at all, as just a regular sponge and soapy water do the job quite well. She keeps a small bag of Swaorvski crystals and some adhesives inside the car in case one on the exterior falls off.