Samsung Firevase Flower Vase
Samsung subsidiary called Cheil Worldwide unveils Firevase, which looks like a normal flower vase at first, but it actually doubles as a fire extinguisher. Simply put, its outer chamber is filled with fast-cooling potassium carbonate that quickly suppresses oxygen when the vase shatters, while the inner chamber works like normal, and holds water for your flowers or plants. Read more to see it in-action and for additional information.

“Despite the fact that having a home fire extinguisher has been mandatory since 2017, less than 60 percent of households in the country currently own one. As a result of the success of the original campaign, which saw the amount of homes equipped with a fire extinguisher increase by 8 percent, Cheil Worldwide is now producing 200,000 more of the vases,” reports The Verge.