At $299, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is more than just a watch, as emails, text messages, calls, and other notifications will pop up on the device’s 1.63-inch, 320 x 320 display. That’s not all, this SmartWatch comes with Samsung’s S Voice (Siri-like app), which lets users initiate a call, send a text, or set a reminder just by speaking. Continue reading for a hands-on video, pictures, and more information.

It isn’t often that we get excited about a 1.9-megapixel camera, and perhaps we shouldn’t here either. But the convenience that you get (and perhaps the intrusiveness that others get) from having a camera on your wrist makes this significant.

There is, however, no front-facing camera for video chat, so that’s one area where Dick Tracy still has a leg-up on Samsung’s engineers.

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