Love building IKEA furniture? If so, then the Sandwichbike is just for you. This flat-packed bicycle fits in a small cardboard box, and crafted from two pieces of pressed plywood along with a single speed drivetrain. The parts are neatly laid out, ready to be assembled by the customers themselves. A series of aluminum “smart cylinders” are used to connect the two plates to one another, while also serving as mounting points for things like the seat tube, headset as well as bottom bracket. Continue reading for a demonstration video, more pictures and additional information.

Sandwichbike Flat-Packed

“Buyers will receive everything (including the necessary assembly tools) by mail in a flat cardboard box, and put it all together themselves – there are less than 50 parts in the entire kit. The designers inform us that in the final production version, a complete bike should weigh around 13 kilograms (28.7 lbs),” reports Gizmag.

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