Scientist No Shower Bacterial Spray

Dave Whitlock, a chemical engineer and MIT graduate, wanted to prove that showering is overrated, so he decided to not bathe for 12-years. “No one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day. I have not taken a shower in 12 years. The only way that horses could evolve this behavior was if they had substantial evolutionary benefits from it.” He created Mother Dirt AO+ Mist’ – consisting of ‘good’ bacteria instead. “I didn’t have a biology degree – I wasn’t at an institution that was renowned for its biological research. And I was proposing something completely off the wall,” he adds. Continue reading for a video about the spray and more information.

“The bacteria in the spray can serve as personal groomers, eating through sweat and oil on our skin. They feed off urea and ammonia in the sweat from the skin, turning them into nitric oxide, which is very good for the body. Nitric oxide molecules dilate blood vessels and help regulate blood pressure, along with a host of other benefits,” according to Oddity Central.