Siberian Crater UFO

Remember those mysterious craters that suddenly appeared in Siberia, Russia months ago? Well, according to The Siberian Times, a team of scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences was investigating one of the large craters recently and reportedly stumbled upon an “unidentified object resembling a space capsule” at the bottom. After reporting the finding, the team’s satellite telephone link disconnected and they have not been found or heard from since. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“A helicopter crew that was also in the area reported having mechanical difficulties and was rescued but there were no signs of the three-man crater team. Details on the expedition are scarce. The Siberian Times says the team was at the crater taking measurements. They reported finding a grey-colored object made of a metal ‘unknown to earth’ at a depth of 48 meters in a ‘hostile environment.’ No other details of why the environment was hostile were given,” reports Mysterious Universe.



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