Scientists have discovered a new monkey species in the Democratic Republic of Congo and it features a distinctive blue behind and several human-like facial features. This discovery, “in one of the country’s last unexplored forest areas, is only the second time a new monkey species has been found in Africa in the last 28 years.” Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.


The lesula is a guenon, a genus of Old World monkeys found exclusively in sub-Saharan Africa, and while guenons are very common, the lesula was unknown to western science until a chance meeting in 2007. A scientific team happened to find one being kept as a pet, leashed to a fencepost. It was known quite well to hunters of the area, but the scientists had never seen it before, hence discovery. Like the other guenons, it’s a smallish, forest-dwelling monkey, preyed upon by leopards, humans, and chimpanzees.


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