Self-Healing 3D Printed Gel
Brown University researchers have developed a 3D-printed hydrogel that can repair itself. To be more specific, it’s a dual polymer – one with covalent bonds and the other ionic – capable of bending, twisting or sticking together when treated with certain chemicals. The first provides strength and structural integrity, while the second the ability to bend and self-adhere. When combined, the soft material is perfect for use in robotics and / or medicine. Read more for an image showing how it can even be used to create LEGO bricks.

Self-Healing 3D Printed Gel
“Until now, it’s been hard to pattern hydrogels with the complex channels and chambers needed in microfluidics. But because this new material is 3D-printed, it can be made in stackable LEGO-like blocks, and “complex microfluidic architectures” can be incorporated into each block. These could create a type of modular system in which blocks with different microfluidic channels could be fit together as needed,” reports Engadget.


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