Custom 200MPH RX777 Supercar

Adam Taylor spent 10-years building his very own supercar that all started when he was a college student and went on through his grad years. He worked tirelessly to bring his dream car to life and it ended up with a powerful 950hp LS V8 engine that can rev up to 8,000 rpm. The body was all handcrafted from sheet metal, with the front headlights sourced from an Aston Martin Vantage, and the rear boasting Lotus Elise taillights. ““It’s a very hopped-up go kart type feel where your feet are almost touching the front wheel and your backs almost touching the back wheel. It’s very compact, but very wide. I think the most challenging aspect of this build was reaching near-perfect symmetry with the hand-formed body,” said Adam. Read more to see a collection of fascinating images from around the web.

15. Brewing

A storm approaching Miami Beach

14. Not What You Expect

The watermark face on this counterfeit $50 bill

13. Keanu

Wyld Stallyns Return!

12. Going Beyond

Beyond cosplay

11. Chained

Infinity cube made from bicycle chain

10. Wizardy

Found a Wizards Tower

9. Capcom Approved

Mega man made out of mini beads. Took me about 60 hours to make!

8. Surreal

Crystal clear chunk of ice from Lake Baikal

7. Shattered

Shattered Lake Michigan

6. Ride Sharing Win

So I installed my switch in my Lyft/Uber car. Huge hit with my passengers!

5. Almost Gone

A hobby of mine is visiting the surviving locations of nearly defunct restaurant chains. Here are some photos from my travel.

4. Hover Bikes

Start your Engines

3. It’s Almost Time

Observation tower in the forest approaching opening day

2. In an Alternate Universe

The Legend Of Pokemon

1. Spacey

real objects transformed into space vehicles


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