It’s time for another TechEBlog contest. This time, we’re giving away a brand new pair of Shure E2c earphones, and all you have to do is look through this post and tell us which strange MP3 player we should add to the list by leaving a comment on this page. Readers may enter once per day (valid email must be provided), contests ends Sunday, January 27th @ 11:59pm PST. Winner will be chosen by our editing team. Sample entry after the jump.

Originally developed for professional musicians, the E2c combines Dynamic MicroDriver speaker technology with a sound isolating design to deliver rich, full-range sound while blocking outside noise. Featuring Dynamic MicroDriver technology that delivers a full frequency soundstage originally developed for professional musicians

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Toblerone MP3 Player

File this under: “Strange MP3 Players” – Can’t get enough of Toblerone chocolate? Then this strange MP3 player by Computer City H.K. should do the trick. A few caveats: it only has 128MB of memory, doesn’t look like a candy bar, and is inedible.