Stick-On Smartwatch

Researchers at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed an innovative new ultra-flexible screen, based on inorganic-based laser lift-off (ILLO), that can be attached to the surface of your skin, fabrics or any other non-flat surfaces without becoming damaged. Practical applications include smartwatches and clothing with built-in displays for vital information (calories, etc.). Continue reading for another video on flexible displays and additional information. Click here for a few bonus images of an incredible DIY steampunk watch / MP3 player.

“The researchers built a high-performance oxide thin-film transistor (TFT) on top of a ‘sacrificial’ laser-reactive substrate. The substrate was irradiated from the back side, allowing the oxide TFTs to be separated from the substrate. These were then transferred onto ultrathin plastics. This method allowed the researchers to develop ultrathin oxide TFTs with high optical transparency of 83 percent,” reports The Daily Mail.