Sippy Espresso Machine

Brewing a fresh cup of espresso coffee on the go isn’t the easiest of tasks, that is unless…you have Sippy. This portable machine brews up a full bodied aromatic espresso with a delicious, rich velvety ‘crema’ top in less than 1 minute. All you’ll need is hot water, a CO2 cartridge and your favorite espresso capsule – currently compatible with Nespresso capsules, Hema, or the Coffee Duck). Continue reading for two more videos and the Kickstarter page.

“Made from the highest quality parts with a high grade machined aluminium body, anodised to perfection and food grade plastic for the water chamber which carries 35ml water, perfect for 25 to 35ml espressos. Easy open / close screw top body gives quick access to the CO2 chamber (holds 1 x 12g CO2 Cartridge, enough for 5-6 espressos),” according to the company. Kickstarter page.

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