4D Batman Six Flags

Six Flags San Antonio has officially debuted their all-new 4D Batman “free-fly” roller coaster, which will open to the public on May 23. This attraction propels riders straight up a 120-foot elevator-style lift, and then flip them 360° head-over-heels at least 6-times as they careen around the track, which also includes a pair of stomach-churning 90° drops. Park marketing director Jeffrey Siebert says: “Not only does it flip head over heels, but you’re actually seated on the side of the track with nothing above you and nothing below you. You’re completely in the blind, so you really do need Batman-style bravery, not necessarily a Batman suit, but bravery to come and challenge this crazy ride.” Continue reading for footage of the actual ride in-action.

Company representatives say that the ride has “one-of-a-kind” on-board magnetic technology that interacts with areas of the ride to cause the flipping, and they claim it’s “as close as you can get to flying without being Batman.” Marketing director Siebert adds: “You never know if you’re going to flip forward or backward or when the next big drop is coming.”

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