Believe it or not, Sky City in China is set to be the world’s tallest building, and it’ll be completed in just 90-days, thanks to pre-fabrication. According to the plan, the building, across 220 stories, will have: a hotel accommodating 1000 guests, a hospital, 5 schools and offices. Of the total space available, nearly 83% will be for residential purposes, housing up to 17,000 people. 5% will be for the hotel housing 1000, while 3% each will be dedicated to schools, hospitals, offices and shops. Continue reading for a video and more information.

For transportation there will be 104 high-speed elevators installed. Many have critiqued the safety of these potential elevators, because they take multiple minutes to get from bottom to top. The 5000 residential properties will be able to accommodate 17,400 residents. The project will consume 270,000 tons of steel.