We have seen the future of air travel, and it’s the Sky Whale. This massive aircraft would split passengers into three classes, each with their own deck – a modern-day version of the Titanic’s division of passengers. According to Spanish designer Vinals, who is based in Barcelona, the Sky Whale would be built out of advanced new materials made up of ceramic fiber composites, complete with active wings powered by a hybrid turbo-electric propulsion system for ultimate efficiency. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Here’s what The Daily Mail has to say about the three different classes: “The three classes would be ‘tourist class’, the equivalent of economy, ‘tourist class with sky views’, or business class, and finally ‘first class’, which would also have sky views and ‘all conceivable luxuries’. It is not clear how passengers would be able to look at the view, though given the size of the craft it is likely to have larger windows than those fitted to the back of current plane seat ones. Those in economy would not be without, though – their windows would be fitted with virtual reality screens so passengers could see whatever they want.


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