Skypod Elevator Vertical Maglev
PLP Architecture breaks away from traditional elevator designs for their SkyPod project. How so? This innovative elevator travels outside of buildings and the cars can twist, turn and maneuver in any direction required. It does this by running on a track embedded onto the building’s façade. Riders won’t be flipping all over the place because the system runs like a gyroscope in which it is fully stabilized and always horizontal, while the track section is what rotates.

PLP belives that future buildings will look far different aesthetically since they won’t require elevator shafts with this new system. Eventually, they want to use this elevator on a 3,273-foot tall skyscraper, or in other words, around 551-feet taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

[It uses] the same dynamic digital stabilization systems of high-speed trains. Propelling this is a linear induction motor system similar to that used by roller coasters and Maglev trains. Imagine a fully-integrated digital and physical infrastructure in which your journey begins at home, pauses at your favorite cafe and ends directly on your 55th-floor office,” said PLP.

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