Skyryse Autonomous Helicopter
Skyryse, a startup backed by Bill Ford, unveils Luna, an autonomous helicopter that can fly itself. Today, it completed the world’s first end-to-end autonomous flight for a modified, urban helicopter. The company also introduced Skyryse Flight Stack, a suite of automation technologies that automates flight in FAA-approved helicopters, safety and communication systems, and a network of smart helipads, which is perfect for air taxi service. Read more for a video and additional information.

The Skyryse Flight Stack also boasts flight controls that enable one to select from either full autonomous flight or automating specifics tasks, and it’s combined with various sensors that steer and stabilize the helicopter as well as other flight data. Sensor pads on the ground, “smart helipads,” provide additional information, such as wind and weather conditions.

Today, we design our lives around traffic and make decisions about where we live and work based on how hard it is to get there. Urban air mobility can change that and finally let us be in control of transportation, not the other way around,” said Mark Groden, Skyryse CEO and founder.