SkyWall 100 Drone Defense System

At first, SkyWall 100 appears to be a weapon of sorts from the Halo series, but it’s actually a drone defense system. This cannon basically fires a canister filled with a net at drones up to 100-meters away that tangles its rotors when hit, and at that time, a parachute deploys to bring it down safely. OpenWorks Engineering aims to sell this product to security services used to protect events and buildings. Continue reading for another video and more information. Click here for bonus images of beautiful aerial shots of Iceland all captured by drones.

“The shoulder-mounted device uses an intelligent system that locks onto a drone, assisting the operator in firing and targeting. The scope identifies and then calculates a firing pattern based on the drone’s distance and vector. The technology sounds a lot like the systems in TrackingPoint’s smart guns that lets anyone get a bullseye on a target hundreds of meters away,” reports TechCrunch.


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