Sled Legs

Why bother with a bulky sled, when you can just strap on a pair of “Sled Legs”. Once securely fastened, you’ll be able to run towards just about any slope, jump into a kneeling position, and glide down. “Compared to skiing or snowboarding, these are much easier to learn. The low center of gravity makes it very comfortable to get the hang of. Sliding and transitioning to running to your feet, as well as jumps & tricks will take a little time to master,” said its creators. Continue reading for another video and more information on how to get your own.

“Each sled leg is designed with a thermoformed ABS outer shell and molded foam inner pad that provides comfort and support, which is also patent pending. The outside is a four ridged surface that helps guide users downhill. The firm claims sledding while kneeling provides more control than a saucer or toboggan,” according to The Daily Mail. Visit IndieGoGo page.

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