Hotels may be comfortable, but for some, they are too mainstream (popular). Here are five alternative ways to spend your vacation, should you have a Jeep, truck, or van to tow a trailer around with. Starting off, we have the Dub Box Camper. Priced at $22,000, this camper takes on the iconic retro styling of the VW Bus, and comes with a double bed, retro styled refrigerator, aluminum blinds for privacy, several different upholstery options, iPhone ports, as well as an optional pop up top. Continue reading for more.

5. Moby1

Available in four different models, Moby1 trailers are designed purely for outdoor enthusiasts. The XTR, XC, RT, and C2 models are all built by hand. Featuring all the amenities you’d expect to find in a standard sized trailer, everything from full-size galleys to a comfortable foam mattress for a good night’s rest under the stars. For solo warrioers, the Moby1 C2 can be towed by a motorcycle, and is priced at an affordable $6,500.

4. Sylvansport Go Camper Trailer

At just 840-pounds, this camper trailer can be towed by both trucks and small cars alike. There’s a lot more space than meets the eye, as it’s equipped with a pop up tent complete with insulated bed platforms and a self inflating mattress to ensure you get a good night’s sleep no matter where your adventures may take you. Plus, it can also tow your toys, with room for kayaks, an ATV, two dirt bikes, and up to 12 regular bicycles.

3. Opera Luxury Camper Trailer

Let’s face it, camping is not the most glamorous or luxurious of things to do in the summer, that is have an Opera Luxury Camper Trailer. Simply put, the goal of this “Luxury Camper Trailer” is to transform a typical camping experience into high quality tourism by combining the atmosphere of then with modern amenities. Boasting two electrically adjustable beds, boiler supplying warm water to the kitchen and the shower, hot air heating, toilet, refrigerator, and low energy LED lighting from the awning all the way down to the floor.

2. Jeep Action Camper

The Jeep Action Camper brings a comfortable trailer-like experience right to the back seat of your recreational vehicle. It’s made from high quality fiberglass and the two passenger slide-on camper comes equipped with a king side bed, pop-up roof, mini kitchen, toilet, kitchen sink shower, and a complete dining area.

1. Conquerer UEV-440

Rugged and practical, the UEV-440 is rock-solid, complete with a skeletal construction and CNC-manufactured body parts. This design offers an excellent combination of body strength and flexibility. Practicality wise, the canvas awning can quickly and easily be unfolded to cover your camping base, with plenty of mesh screens to let in fresh air all the while keeping bugs out. There’s also two fold out beds, interior heating, air-conditioning, a diesel hot water system, microwave, shower, fridge, a full kitchen complete with cutlery and crockery, and a surround sound splash-proof home theater system.