Snactiv Finger Chopsticks
Love snacking while gaming, but hate getting grease or other food on your controllers, keyboard, mouse, etc.? Introducing SNACTIV, a multi-tasking snacking tool that aims to keep your fingers free so you’ll be able to concentrate on other tasks with perfectly clean hands. Think of it as a modified and far more user-friendly version of the standard chopstick. Featuring a C-shaped finger engagement design that slides between your index and middle fingers for a secure fit.

Other features include flexible rubber accents to ensure a comfortable fit, the ability to stand on its own without contacting other surfaces, made from BPA-free materials that complies to all related FDA standards, and is dishwasher friendly when it comes time to clean them. There’s no word yet on availability, but each one will be priced around $22.50 USD when they hit stores.

Frigidaire EFMIS129-RED Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge Cooler, 1 Gallons, 6 Cans
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It’s a busy world today where the volume of contribution or productivity always evaluates us we can put in. In that light, you might miss out on a major opportunity or a task if you have to invest a considerable amount of time into snacking. Some people continue working even while snacking, but they usually end up with unwanted greasy or oily fingers. It’s not only a messy sight but can be harmful to your phone or laptop as well. But, Snactiv eliminates all such worries for you, enabling clean contactless snacking and tidy fingers that can be occupied elsewhere easily,” said Edwin Cho, Founder.


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