Soto Pocket Torch

The Soto Pocket Torch is lightweight, compact, and simple to use, easily transforming just about any disposable lighter into a micro blow torch in a matter of seconds. When you’re out exploring the backcountry, extra fuel is probably the last thing on your mind. Soto ensures that you’re able to just pop into a gas station, pick up a pack of lighters, and be on your way, all for under $20. Product page. Continue reading for a video on how it works and more information.

“Just slip any $.50 rectangular lighter into this bad boy, and out comes a mini blowtorch capable of producing blue flames at temperatures up to 2,300°F. The device weight just 1.8 ounces, and is perfect for doing everything from lighting stoves and starting campfires to cutting rope and soldering small objects. This wind-resistant burner is a great tool for any backpacker,” reports Hi Consumption.