Spaceborne Computer

Astronauts aboard the ISS now have access to a supercomputer, officially called the Spaceborne Computer, a joint project between NASA and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It was previously limited to just running diagnostic tests to see just how well a computer built for Earth survives in space. Today, it’s capable of processing data for space-based experiments as well as conserve bandwidth for NASA’s data stream between the ISS and the ground. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The exact experiments that the supercomputer will run in the next few months have not yet been disclosed. No one expected that the Spaceborne Computer would actually be used in experiments when it launched. The computer was originally supposed to come back down to Earth early next year, in February or March. But then a Soyuz rocket failed dramatically last month, forcing astronauts headed to the ISS to make an emergency landing. In addition to complicating the plans for crewing the ISS, the failure also put the cargo schedule back in flux, giving the computer a little more time in space,” reports The Verge.

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