SpaceX Dragon Falcon 9 ISS
SpaceX has successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon capsule ship bound for the International Space Station on Thursday, a day after the planned launch was scrubbed due to thunderstorms and thick clouds. This is SpaceX’s 18th cargo run to the space station, while the Dragon supply ship was making its third trip to the lab complex loaded with 5,000 pounds of crew supplies, equipment, high-tech science gear, refurbished spacesuit components and a 1,200-pound commercial crew ship docking mechanism to replace one lost in a 2015 Falcon 9 launch failure. Read more for a video of the launch and additional information.

International docking adaptor number 3 will enable two vehicles to dock at the same time, critical for future crewed space missions, and possibly even private astronauts. In the payload is also s 3D bioprinter from TechShot and NScrypt. Since zero gravity allows cell to be printed without collapsing, TechShot hopes to work with the tissue so that it can grow until it can be brought back to Earth intact and could be used for medical application.