SpaceX Moon

Elon Musk told reporters at a press conference today that SpaceX will be sending two paying passengers around the Moon next year. The unnamed persons reportedly paid a ‘significant deposit’ for the trip, which will be conducted using SpaceX’s existing launch vehicles and spacecraft. “This is a really thing that’s happened. We’ve been approached to do a crewed mission beyond the Moon…[and these passengers] are very serious about it. We plan to do that probably Dragon 2 spacecraft with the Falcon Heavy rocket,” said Musk. When all is said and done, the trip will last approximately 1-week, as it will take mostly the same course as you’re familiar with from Apollo 13: out to the Moon, slingshot around, and return. Click here to view the first image in this week’s geek life gallery. Continue reading for a viral video that takes you inside WETA’s Ghost in the Shell studio.

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