Spider Holster

The Spider Holster SCS is aimed at both professional and amateur photographers alike who want an easier way to carry their DSLR (or point-and-shoot). A padded belt and two-position metal lock ensures security and freedom of movement / quickdraw action when needed. Once set up, your camera is ready to hang securely at your hip, freeing up your hands and removing the nuisance of a dangling DSLR or video camera bouncing to and fro on your neck, chest or shoulders. Product page. Continue reading for a video review and more information.

Attach any small to mid-size QR tripod plate to it and move from Tripod use to Spider use fast (no need to remove the quick release plate) The SpiderPro plate allows for the user to shoot comfortably with a pro flash attached (camera is upside down, lens pointing back and flash hangs down) so your camera/flash is by your side ready in a moment’s notice. This position also protects the flash as you move about (the flash is not pointing sideways hanging out of the body, but “under” the camera). More information.