Swincar Spider Car

SWINCAR may look like a normal independent suspension quad, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see this 4-wheeler uses the pendulum effect to counteract the forces that appear when tackling obstacles, rough terrain, steep slopes and banks, or when simply riding around a corner. One of the most unique features is how the wheels tilt independently, or in other words, both wheels and the nacelle will lean into the curve. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

However, when riding on a bank, the nacelle remains vertical, regardless of how the wheels need to travel to track the ground. The axles have independent axis, and one can effectively ride on completely different tracks if need be. And to make everything even more interesting, all the tilting is made mechanically, with no electronics, sensors or computers, gyros or anything like that. The linkage is engineered to smartly and efficiently react to terrain changes and provide the best response for optimal balance and traction,” reports Auto Evolution.