Based on the Ford E350 van platform, the Sportsmobile’s Ultimate Adventure Vehicle, priced from $80,000, has everything you need for an off-road adventure. Sporting a pop-up style sleeper camper and a spacious interior, complete with a fully-equipped kitchen as well as a dining area, makes for a great living space. Four-wheel drive, improved axles, shocks, brakes, and a 46 gallon fuel tank ensure you’re never stranded out in the wild. It can also be equipped with propane, water, and electric systems powered by solar panels or generators. Continue reading for two more videos and more information.

“For 52 years now, Sportsmobile has been revamping everything from Ford to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, transforming them into base stations with serious off road capabilities. There are several different packages available, allowing you to completely customize your vehicle from top to bottom in the brand’s 5 step procedure,” according to Hi Consumption.

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