Spot Robot Dog

Photo credit: Laura Chiesa / Pacific Press / Getty Images

Spot a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation, recently appeared at construction sites in Tokyo, Japan. This robot is electrically-powered and hydraulically actuated, while using LIDAR and stereo vision in conjunction with a suite of on-board sensors to maintain balance as well as negotiate rough terrain. It’s capable of carrying a 23 kg payload and operate for 45 minutes on a battery charge. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“When Boston Dynamics boss Marc Raibert announced SpotMini’s commercial debut, he said it’d come with packages. If you want Spot to work as a security guard, for instance, you’d outfit it with more cameras. Think of it like a car with options, only instead of adding rims, you add a snake-like arm that lets the robot open those aforementioned doors,” reports Wired.

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