CREP Protect Neverwet

Crep Protect, similar to Neverwet technology, is a superhydrophobic spray that will shield your shoes from liquids, making them slide right off like magic. Just spray your shoes, and the invisible coat lasts approximately two weeks per treatment, repelling liquids and preventing any stains from ruining your footwear. It works on a wide array of construction materials including leather, suede, nubuck and even canvas. Product page. Continue reading for two video demonstrations and more information.

“We’ve all gone out with the intention ‘dress to impress’. However, it will always be inevitable that you return home looking more ‘unimpressive’ after an eventful night of spilling more drinks than you actually drink. Saving the world from the frightful thought of your box fresh shoes being stained, comes ‘Crep Protect’; a product specifically designed with a unique blend of ingredients,” says the company. More information.

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