Stanford Doggo Student Robot
An open source dog-like robot can be spotted walking around Stanford University. Doggo is the creation of the school’s Student Robotics Club’s Extreme Mobility team, and this four-legged robot is not only capable of performing acrobatic tricks and traversing challenging terrain, but is also designed with reproducibility in mind. The students estimate that the entire project cost no more than $3,000. “When we first put the full robot on the ground, it kind of looked like a toddler who really didn’t know how to walk at all, but I was moving and we were really excited,” said Stanford student Nathan Kau. Read more for a video and additional information.

“The university shared video of its dog robot in action, saying it hopes Doggo will find a home in research labs around the world. The students are working on a larger version of their creation – which is currently about the size of a beagle, said Stanford in a post,” reports ABC 7 News.