While the Star Trek Romulan Ale Energy Drink won’t give you any superpowers, it most certainly will stand out from the standard fare found out supermarkets and gas stations. Priced at $14.99 for a 6-pack, it has “vitamins (like B6 and B12), ginseng, and loads of caffeine (84 mg per easy-to-drink-in-one-sitting-because-it-tastes-so-good can), all wrapped up in a yummy berry taste.” Product page. Click here for more pictures.

And it’s blue. Aaaand, it comes in a six pack, just like you’d get at your local Romulan Quickie Mart. Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink is full of alien technology and taste to keep you awake and alert.

[via TechnabobThinkGeek]

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