Star Trek USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

This Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise pizza cutter is officially licensed, and has a stainless-steel blade with a sleek solid, zinc-alloy, chromium-plated body. It’s no toy either, as it measures 7″ long, 4.25″ wide, and has a 4″ blade diameter. Get one here now and you’ll be able to “explore strange new crusts, seek out new cheeses / toppifications and to boldly cut pizza where no one has cut before.” Continue reading for a hands-on review and more information.

ThinkGeek says: “That’s right. We’ve taken the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter and manufactured it for fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation. ‘But, wait!’ we hear you saying. ‘The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D’s characteristic shape doesn’t lend itself to slicing through pizzas!’ Astute observation. We made it so that the perfectly round blade is separate from the elliptical saucer section, so that your pizza cutting adventure doesn’t go ‘fuhWHUMP fuhWHUMP.'” More information.