Startup Lifeship DNA Moon
We’re still at least a decade away from commercial trips to the Moon’s orbit or even surface, but one startup company called Lifeship wants to give you a headstart, and it won’t break the bank. LifeShip founder Ben Haldeman is planning on sending human DNA to the Moon for just $99, or at least during the initial crowdfunding phase. Read more for a video about moon colonization and additional information.

The Kickstarter campaign, launching this Fall, offers backers $99 kits that are used to collect samples of their spit, in which LifeShip will extract the DNA and preserve it an “artificial amber”. This amber will be then sent to the Moon as part of a future Arch Mission journey.

“DNA is the smallest payload you can imagine and yet the most important in many ways. You provide a saliva sample and then we take your DNA, your source code, and preserve it up in space for eternity,” said Ben Haldeman, LifeShip’s founder.


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