Status Audio CB-1

Deal credit: The Verge

Status Audio’s CB-1 Studio Monitor Headphones are touted as the best under $100, and you can get a pair for just $62.41 shipped with coupon code: VERGE20P, originally $79. It’s designed for audio professionals who make a living with their craft. Featuring 50mm drivers that deliver an analytical, neutral sound signature, ergonomic ear-pads for long recording sessions, two detachable cables (coiled and straight) with a twist-lock function, and are foldable. Product page – be sure to enter coupon code: VERGE20P during final checkout to receive the additional discount.

This one can easily beat a $400-$500 headphone. The details are amazing, i have never had any $80 headphone with this amount of details and the important thing is that the treble is not bright and fatigue at all. I can listen to it for hours without suffering like MDR-V6. The sound stage is not as big but it is very decent and extend very well,” said one reviewer. More information.