With many parts of the world experiencing miserable weather, we’d thought that it’d be fitting to show you a stunning private island. It’s called Necker Island, and its owner is none other than Virgin CEO Richard Branson. Continue reading for three videos, more pictures, and additional information.


Sir Richard Branson discovered that some of the islands in the British Virgin Islands were for sale in 1979. So, on a trip in 1978 he went to the British Virgin Islands to investigate the prospective real estate. During this trip, he pictured using this island as a private getaway for rock stars signed under his music label. The final island he saw was Necker Island, and after climbing the hill and being stunned by the view and wildlife, fell in love with the island. Though his initial offer of £100,000 for the £5 million island, however, he was turned down and evicted from the island. Fortunately, the then-owner, Lord Cobham, in need of short-term capital, eventually settled for £180,000 after Richard Branson had offered his final price of £175,000 three months before the actual sale took place. The deal was contingent on that the new owner had to develop a resort within 5-years or the island would revert to the state. Branson committed, determined to build a resort on his tropical dream island, notwithstanding his relatively modest capital at that time in his career.

When Richard Branson purchased the 74-acre island, it was barren and deserted. Believe it or not, he purchased the island at the ripe age of 28, just six years after starting his famed Virgin Group. It took approximately 3-years and $10,000,000USD to turn it into the private island paradise you see now. Utilizing local stone, Brazilian hardwoods, antiques, art pieces and fabrics and bamboo furniture from Bali, his architects and designers masterfully created a 10 bedroom Balinese-style villa that adorns a hill above the beach. Each of its 10 bedrooms has mesmerizing open walls to give breathtaking 360-degree views, and to provide cooling winds from any direction in the house. This private island has accommodations for up to 28 people and costs $53,000-$54,000USDper night. This price includes two “private” beaches, several private pools, tennis courts, a personal chef, a personal team of 60 staff to cater to your every need, and a wide array of water sports equipment, like personal submarines.