When is a room, not just another place in the house for you to relax? When it’s hidden away and can only be activated by pulling a book out or pressing a button. We’ve rounded up five of the coolest James Bond-inspired secret rooms for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see more.

5. Wardrobe

While this wardrobe doesn’t lead to Narnia, it does however contain a secret room. This person decided to make it a hidden child’s play room, but the possibilities don’t have to stop there…just imagine, a miniature living room.

4. Stairs

At first glance, this looks like a regular staircase, but at the push of a button, it lifts up to reveal a secret room that even James Bond would approve of. It’s perfect for a secret home theater, game room, etc.

3. Zombie Apocalypse Room

Have tons of weapons and / or food that you want to stash away for a potential zombie apocalypse? Then maybe you should look into building one of these secret rooms, like this guy. Let’s just hope that there’s also a secret exit that leads to the outside.

2. Bookcase

Just like in the movies, you pull a book out and a secret room is revealed. Unfortunately, the room appears to be very small. On the bright side, it does look like an awesome hide-out spot, or a spot to keep valuables safe.

1. Underwater Bubble

How cool would it be to just have your own little hiding spot underwater? Well, this awesome underwater bubble is exactly as it sounds, and is great for short breaks when diving. Hopefully, the next version will be fully enclosed and include an air chamber, complete with oxygen.

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