White Zenvo ST1

If stormtroopers had their hand at designing a hypercar, it’d probably look something like the all-new 2015 Zenvo ST1, priced at $950,000USD. Powered by a twin-charged 6.8L V8, the engine delivers a peak 1,104-horsepower and 1,054 pound-feet of torque, driving the rear wheels only. What sets this apart from its predecessor is a new sequential transmission that replaces the previous manual, with seven forward gears and a single clutch. Gear shifts take a mere 35-milliseconds, making it one of the fastest shifting, single clutch transmissions in the world. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“The body of the ST1 is all carbon fiber, and is wrapped around a hybrid structure comprised of high-strength steel for the central monocoque and aluminum for the front and rear subframes. Zenvo plans to build just 15 examples of the ST1 before it moves on to its next supercar, a model dubbed the ‘ST2’ that’s due in about five years. Currently, just two examples of the ST1 have been delivered to owners, but Zenvo has orders for another five cars. For an automaker that has just 20 employees on hand, Zenvo will remain extremely busy for some time to come,” reports Motor Authority.

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