How about a Rubik’s Cube that uses real materials or even LEGO? You’ll find that and more in this strange list. Which one is your favorite?

Touch Rubik’s Cube

The Touch Rubik’s Cube puts a new twist on the classic puzzle game. It uses six different materials: metal, wood, textile, stone, rubber, and plastic, engaging users to use their senses. This also enables blind persons to enjoy the wonders of a Rubik’s cube. [Source]

LEGO Rubik’s Cube

This nifty LEGO Rubik’s Cube was built with a ratio of five bricks to six studs for a genuine cube structure.

The cube consists of 12 edge pieces, 8 corner pieces and one central piece. All of these have to be interlocking, yet still be able to rotate about any axis at any time in any direction


Magnetic Acrylic Rubik’s Cube

To make your own, you’ll need twenty seven 3/4-inch clear acrylic cubes — drilled with 108 3/16-inch holes and fitted with 108 D32 neodymium disc magnets — and put together to resemble its real counterpart. [Source]

Rubik’s Cube Speaker

This Rubik’s Cube Speaker connects to virtually any audio source and boasts LEDs that synchronize to your music. It’s basically a “250-watt speaker and lamp rolled into one.” Best of all, this stylish accessory is priced at just $43.

It doesn’t look to be functional, so you’ll have the frustration of having a puzzle sitting in your living room that can never be solved. I guess you could rearrange the colored bulbs in it to solve it, but that seems as unsatisfying as just moving the stickers around on a real cube

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Rubik’s Cube MP3 Player

Designed by Hee Yong, this nifty Rubik’s Cube-inspired MP3 player is both a puzzle and music player in one.

To turn it on you simply need to start playing with the cube and each layer has a different function like play, pause or skip. I assume you need to properly align certain columns or rows to get it to do what you want and of course the only way to turn the player off is to complete the puzzle