Who knew the world’s heaviest USB drive weighed in at 16-pounds? Find that accessory and more in this strange list. Which one is your favorite?

World’s Heaviest USB Drive

Chris Spurge decided to permanentley “embed” his USB drive to a 16-pound Galaxie 3000 bowling ball in fears of losing it. One caveat: connecting it to a computer.

I can see the new trend now – flash drives stuck into Foreman grills, Karate trophies and old Pintos. The future is a beautiful place. While attaching this device to laptops and PCs within cramped confines probably isn’t desirable, it should definitely keep that precious data out of the washing machine, but we doubt this bad boy lands a strike anytime soon with such an extrusion

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“Humping Dog” USB Drive

This could quite possibly be the strangest USB drive we’ve ever come across — called the “Humping Dog”.

Hand-Crank LEGO USB Charger

This DIY hand-crank charger basically uses a “LEGO motor to generate current, which is then passed through a voltage regulator, and lastly, to the usb port.” Instruction page.

It would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who uses devices that charge via usb. If you are getting it for a person who likes to build their own things, just collect all the parts put them in a ziplock, and put that in the stocking


Elecom’s USB-Powered CD/DVD Data Crusher

Now you can play Spyrograph and destroy data at the same time with Elecom’s USB-powered CD/DVD data crusher. Best of all, it’s priced at just $27USD.

Jack the Data Crusher into your laptop’s USB, slip in a disc of wickedness, push the button, and in 5 seconds your data will be etched into Hasbro H-E-double-toothpicks; ready to dangle from the rear-view mirror of your Cadillac Cathedral yet safe from the wife, boss, or favorite government entity of your paranoid fantasies


USB-Powered Vibrating Fingers

This USB-powered gadget supposedly relaxes your muscles, but it looks to be more of a gag gift than functional accessory. It’s available now in Japan, priced at $12.95.

Although it may look it, this little thing isn’t promoting peace. Rather it’s a little personal massager, designed to ease the stress in your hands and face after a marathon session of data entry or whatever other grueling work your cubicle overlords have you laboring over

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007 USB Flash Drive

For those who demand the ultimate in security, check out the “007 USB Flash Drive”. This device “not only keeps would-be data thieves from getting to the thumb drive, it also will physically lock the drive to an object, such as a desk, via the steel cable.” Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

Combining the digital security of encryption with the decidedly analogue security of a bike lock, the 007 keeps your data doubly safe. If they somehow figure out that the code is your birthday, once they plug it into your computer they’ll need yet another password to access the data


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