Who knew they made a Windows NT-powered robotic parking garage? Find that and more in this strange list. Which ones are your favorites?

Windows NT-Powered Robotic Parking Garage

One of the first robotic parking garages to hit North America has opened in Hoboken, New Jersey. Basically, “customers drive their car onto a pallet and exit and the robotic system files their car away in its huge filing system.”

The Garage even utilizes AI and tries to learn customer trends. The garage shuffles the cars around during the day to try to return the cars as quickly and efficiently as possible. The whole system runs on an off-the-shelf PC running GE’s simplicity software. Anyone care to guess which operating system they’re using for their off-the-shelf PC? *Cough* NT *cough*…

Windows Powered Casket

This Windows powered casket makes sure you’re “always connected”, even in the afterlife…[Source]

Windows CE Powered Gas Pump

Want to download songs while pumping gas? Coming soon to a gas station near you; the Ovation iX is a Windows CE powered gas pump that lets you download MP3s, purchase coffee, and even check traffic conditions. Customers can also print customized coupons or watch full-motion video commercials on its 10.4″ display with built-in iX Media technology.

“Every day, tens of millions of Americans spend five minutes filling their tanks. If we can make those five minutes their most productive of the day, we not only add significant value to the consumer experience, we also help fuel retailers maximize the return on their technological investment. That retail focus is already beginning to shape a new vision of what fueling can — and should — be.”

[Source 12d]

Touchscreen Boombox PC

Finally, an old boombox has been put to good use. Gutterslide’s “Touchscreen Boombox PC” combines a Hitachi TRK-8200HR and Fujitsu Stylistic 1200 Color Tablet PC into the sleek retro package you see above. Powered by Windows 98, this PC features a 20GB hard drive, 802.11b Wi-Fi, internal webcam, 4 USB ports, and a “custom desktop to keep original aesthetics”

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