Submarine Tiny House
Photo credit: Living Big in a Tiny House
At first glance, you may think this is a decommissioned submarine sitting out in the forest, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it’s actually a tiny house. Couple Keith and Jen created this yellow submarine-shaped tiny house in their very own backyard. The cylindrical shape is based on a small grain silo, which eventually turned into the creation that you see here. Read more for a video tour and additional information.

It can now be rented on Airbnb, but sometimes, it’s also used as a bed and breakfast or a guest house. The entire structure is made almost entirely from up-cycled materials, whether it be old spa baths to radar domes. You enter using a ramp/jetty to the front bulkhead door, and are greeted with a Victorian Steampunk lounge and galley. Other areas include a periscope / control bridge, U Boat sleeping quarters and even a Beatles-themed bathroom at the back. More information here.

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Your diesel/electric metal coffin emergency dives to crush depth to wriggle free from depth charges pounding against the hull,classic ‘Das Boot’ stuff. 1850’s captain Nemo of the steam powered steampunk Nautilus must fend off monsters of the deep,” said the hosts.

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