Sunflower Home Awareness System Security Drone
Sunflower Labs announced today at CES 2020 the Sunflower Home Awareness System, which includes the world’s first fully autonomous residential security drone. This security system pairs always-on motion and vibration sensors with AI processing to provide privacy and peace-of-mind to homeowners while dramatically minimizing false alarms. In addition to the drone, each Sunflower, disguised as garden lights, houses an array of motion and vibration sensors to constantly monitor activity on the property. They’re capable of detecting and differentiating people, animals and cars as well as displaying the activity on a map in real-time. Read more for a video and additional information.

The Bee is essentially a lightweight, fully-autonomous drone that navigates safely to observe activity on your property. It comes equipped with automatic deployment, fully autonomous flight, ultrasonic collision-avoidance sensors, high-precision differential GPS and live streaming video. The Hive is a weatherproof charging station that not only keeps the Bee safe and charged, but is also the brains of the entire system with AI data processing and analysis enabled by an embedded system.

Advancements in smart home security have been stationary or dependent on video cameras until now. Thanks to the integration of AI and machine learning, homeowners can now have a truly smart security system that, over time, learns and reacts to its surroundings. Sunflower Labs is a leader in the next evolution in smart security,” said Alex Pachikov, co-founder and CEO of Sunflower Labs.