Surf Lakes Technology Wave Pool
Surf Lakes in Queensland, Australia is currently the world’s largest wave pool, but the technology used, may be coming to a pool or body of water near you. This gigantic Central Wave Device (CWD) generates five types of waves to engage surfers of all levels. When activated, the waves break on submerged reefs and shorelines, both of which have been researched extensively to manipulate the water’s speed, shape, as well as size. The giant artificial lake in Australia is separated into zones depending on the type of wave.

It took seven years to develop the 5 Wave technology, and the prototype machine in Queensland has helped them perfect their technology. Now, they are looking to license the technology to companies around the world, possibly even water-based theme parks. Aside from Australia, there are currently deals in the works with parties in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka
  • Massive blast of water
  • Tanks hold up to 55 fluid ounces (1.6 liters)
  • Move the handle to blast water

The most difficult part about surfing is repetition. In sports, you can get repetition through consistent rehearsal in an environment that’s stable. In surfing, you just never have got that before, until now. At 5 Waves, you can advance up through those levels and rankings of waves to more challenging conditions. You can practice and rehearse what you want to do and your rate of improvement will be higher,” said former World Surf Champion Barton Lynch.

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